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  • Product name: DSP-ANHYDROUS--Disodium Phosphate (DSP) Anhydrous
  • Product Number: DSPA
  • Time: 2011-01-25
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    Raw Material Specification       
 CODE: DSP01                
 Product name: Disodium Phosphate (DSP) Anhydrous  EINECS: 231-448-7
 Description:   DSPA is a food additive  As Buffer for processed foods. As Emulsifier for processed 
    Cheese & condensed milk.
 Synonym:   Disodium Monohydrogen Phosphate; Disodium Phosphate,Disodium
hydrogen Phosphate
    Disodium orthophosphate,Sodium phosphate Dibasic Anhydrous, 
 Ingredient declaration:  E339(ii) Disodium Phosphate
 Physical data: Formula: Na2HPO4 Molecular Weight: 141.96
  Cas.# 7758-79-4 Grade:  FOOD GRADE
  CAS #/ Index Name: Phosphoric Acid, Disodium Salt.
  Apperance  Fine white powder, it can flow freely, Free from extraneous material
  Flavour No foreigh flavour
  Odour No foreigh Odour
  Solubility freely soluble in water, Insoluble in ethanol
 Chemical data: Item   Unit Specification 
  HG2920-2000 FCCV 2008/84/EC Typical*
  Identification     A&B A&B A&B Confirm
  Assay(as Na2HPO4) % 98min 98min 98min  
  P2O5 (on anhydrous basis) % 49-51 49-51 49-51  
  Flouride ppm 10 max 10 max 10 max  
  As ppm 3 max 3 max 3 max  
  water insoluble matter % 0.2 0.2 0.2  
  PH(1%)   8.8-9.5 8.8-9.5 8.4-9.6  
  Lead ppm 4max 2max 4max  
  bulk density g/l 500-750 500-750 500-750  
  Mercury (Hg) ppm 1 max 1 max 1 max  
  Cadmium (Cd) ppm 1 max 1 max 1 max  
  Loss on ignition % 5max 5max 5max  
  *Above Typical data can not regard as specification, only as reference.
 Nutritional data: Quantity Per 100g*(average analysis 100g)
  * water (g)   0.5g * Ash(g)    -
  * Energy (kJ)   0 *Total Carbohydrate(g)  0
  *Protein (g)   0      -Sugars(g) 0
  * Total Fat (g)   0 * Sodium (mg) 22557
     -          Saturated (g) 0 * Potassium (mg) 0
     -          Trans (g)  0 *Dietary Fibre (g) 0
     -          Polyunsaturated (g) 0       -Cholesterol (mg) 0
     -          omega 3 (g) 0 * Vitamins (mg) 0
     -          Monounsaturated (g) 0 *others(g)                     -
 Application    A wide variety of processed food products including dairy, meat, aquatic product processing.
 Microbiological:   N/A            
 Certificate of analysis: Certificate of analysis must provided for every delivery and must contain results for:
  * Chemical data  * lot/batch number  * product name  * maufacturer/supplier name
 Packing:    25kgs paper bag          
 Storage:   Product must be store in a cool and dry place at temperatures between 0 – 25 °C. 
 Shelf life:   Minmum 24 months from the date of manufacture.    
 GMO status:   Non GMO.           
 Allergen status:   Does not contain any know allergens      
 Safety and Handling see MSDS            
 Label Declaration/marks According to Customer's requirements      
 Shipping information:  Main port of China, such as Shanghai or Qingdao. 20mt can be loaded in one container with pallets shrinked. If no pallets 22mt can be loaded in one container. 
 All information is offered in good faith, without guarantee or obligation for the accuracy of sufficiency thereof, or the results obtained, and is accepted at user's risk. Nothing herein shall be construed as a recommendation for uses which infringe valid patents or as extending license under valid patents.
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