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  • Product name: Calcium Sulfate
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  • Time: 2011-03-07
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    Raw Material Specification     
CODE: CAL-S A       
Product name:   Calcium Sulfate Anhydrous                                                   Einecs: 231-900-3
Description:   Calcium Sulfate anhydrousis s a food grade material, occurs as a fine,
    white to slightly yellow-white, odorless powder.
Synonym:   Gypsum, selenite, anhydrite
Purity and Legal Status   The product must meet the specifications laid down by the FAO/WHO, the 
    COMMISSION DIRECTIVE 2008/84/EC, and the Food Chemicals Codex, 
    current revisions. 
Additives    This product solely derive from the named source and have no added 
    preservatives, flavours, additives or chemicals. 
Ingredient declaration:    E 516  CALCIUM SULPHATE
Physical data:  Formula: CaSO4  Molecular Wt : 136.14
   Cas.# 7778-18-9  Grade: Food Grade
   Apperance   Fine, white to slightly yellowish-white odourless powder, Free from  
 extraneous material, Black specks is not present. 
   Flavour  No foreigh flavour
   Odour & taste  Free from odour and taste. 
   Solubility  Slightly soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol    
Chemical data:  Item     Unit  Specification    Method
   Identification    Test as FCC   FCC
   Assay(on the dried base)    min. 98.0%   FCC
   Loss on drying %  max 1.5%   FCC(250℃,4h)
   *Flouride %  max.0.003   GB/T 5009.18-2003
   *Arsenic (As) mg/kg  max. 2 mg/kg   GB/T 5009.76-2003
   *Lead (Pb) mg/kg  max. 2 mg/kg    GB/T 5009.75-2003
   *Selenium %  max. 0.003%   GB/T 5009.93-2003
   *Heavy metals mg/kg  max. 10 mg/kg   GB/T 5009.74-2003
   *on 400 micron/400μm    max. 0%   FCC
   *on 250 micron/250μm    max. 5%    FCC
   *on 75 micron/75μm    min. 20%    FCC
Typical data  Whiteness : 95.7          
Function   Nutrient; yeast food; dough conditioner; firming agent; sequestrant.
Microbiological:   N/A          
Certificate of analysis:   Certificate of analysis must provided for every delivery and must contain results for:
     *chemical data  
     *lot/batch number
     *product name   
     * maufacturer/supplier name
Packing:    25kgs paper bag        
Storage:   Product must be store in a cool and dry place, Keep every bag sealed.
Shelf life   Minmum 24 months from the date of manufacture.    
GMO status:   Non GMO.           
Allergen status:   Does not contain any know allergens      
 Title: raw material specification   Amended : 28/02/2011  Issue number: 3
 Authorised by: quanlity control    Page 1 of 1
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